U21 East Kerry Championship 2009



Final Dr Crokes 1-09 Rathmore 1-10 (Sat April 25th away)

Rathmore stopped our bid for three in a row titles with a  point in injury time. We looked to be in the driving seat going into time added on, having come back from a deficit of eight points to draw level in the 60th minute. Our opponents won their kick out, raced down field in a passing movement and forced a free thirty yards from our goal, out near the sideline. Into the wind, Eoin Lawlor with an outstanding effort converted the kick and denied us of our three in a row.

 Aided by the strong breeze Rathmore had two points in the first five minutes. There was no score for ten minutes but we opened our account at the end of the first quarter with a point. Our opponents struck for a goal in the 18th minute, followed by a Croke point by Jamie Doolan. With five minutes to go in the half we were just a goal behind but the game was won and lost in the remaining minutes as Rathmore scored four points without reply to go in at the interval 1-6 to 0-2 in front.

At the turnover we had the elements in our favour but our opponents had a point in the 33rd minute to go further in front. Two minutes later a Denis Galvin goal , followed by a point from Jamie Doolan left just four points between the sides. In the next fifteen minutes the teams exchanged points on two occasions. We had our most productive period of the game when we sent over four unanswered points, to draw level in the 60th minute. Then came Rathmore's winning point and victory after a number of defeats in finals against us.

Our congratulations to the winners who never gave up even though they were under pressure when we got back to equality on the stroke of full time.

Alan Kelly did well in goal. Best in defence were Fionn Fitzgerald, David O'Leary and Barra O'Connell. Ian Howard and Johnny Buckley, after an indifferent first half got well on top in the second thirty minutes. In attack Jamie Doolan, Niall O'Connell and Daithi Casey were best.

Dr Crokes Best Player;  Ian Howard.

Team and Scorers;  Alan Kelly; Fionn Fitzgerald, Mike Moloney, John Bartlett; David O'Leary, Barra O'Connell, Gavin Tucker; Ian Howard 0-1, Johnny Buckley 0-1; Niall O'Connell 0-1, Daithi Casey 0-3(0-1free), Donal Cronin; Denis Galvin 1-0, Shane O'Neill, Jamie Doolan 0-3(0-1free). Subs;  Keith O'Leary, Kieran Ward.  


Semi-Final Dr Crokes 1-14  Spa 1-06 (Sun Mar 29th in Spa)

In this semi final played in ideal weather in Spa we ran out deserving winners by eight points. Even though our opponents had the first score of the game, a point in the third minute, we were always in the driving seat thereafter. We were ahead 1-8 to 0-3 at half time and continued on top in the second half even though Spa had some very good passages of play. Our display was a very heartening one but we will probably have to improve further to beat Rathmore in the final.

Spa had a point in the third minute but this was followed by five unanswered Croke points, to leave us four points in front at the end of the first quarter. The teams exchanged points in the next few minutes but a Spa point in the 20th minute reduced our lead to three points. We finished the half strongly with a goal and a point, the major a classic finish by Daithi Casey to leave us eight points ahead at the interval.

Our opponents again started the second half like the first, with a point in the 32nd minute. We had three points in the next five minutes, to put us ten points clear and more or less ending the game as a contest. The teams exchanged points in the next five minutes. Spa had their most productive period  in the last quarter, scoring 1-1 to our two points. This left us winners by eight points and a place in the final.

Dr Crokes Best Player;  Jamie Doolan.

Team and Scorers; Alan Kelly; Fionn Fitzgerald, Mike Moloney, John Bartlett; David O'Leary, Ian Howard, Gavin Tucker; Johnny Buckley 0-1, Barra O'Connell 0-1; Shane O'Neill, Daithi Casey 1-2, Donal Cronin; Denis Galvin 0-4(0-2frees), Rory Mangan 0-1, Jamie Doolan 0-5( 0-1free).  Subs;  Keith O'Leary, Niall O'Connell, Kieran Ward, Conor O'Neill, David Neeson.


February 22nd --- Quarter Final --- Dr Crokes  3-14 ---Cordal/Scartaglin 1-6(Played in Scart)

This scoreline does not do justice to our opponents. It's true to say that we dominated the first half, playing into the strong wind and were worthy of our half time lead of 0-8 to 0-4. When we scored a goal four minutes after half time, to go into a seven point lead it looked as if the floodgates would open. In the next ten minutes our opposition scored 1-3 to our single point to leave just three points between the teams. Our lads however turned on the power in the last quarter, notching up 2-5 without reply for an emphatic victory.

Points were exchanged in the first two minutes. Cordal/Scart were three points to two ahead after ten minutes. In the next ten minutes we hit five unanswered points. Both teams had a point in the remaining minutes, to leave us 0-8 to 0-4 ahead at the interval.

A Keith O'Leary goal in the 34th minute put us seven points ahead and very much in the driving seat. Our opponents did not however throw in the towel but launched a series of attacks and scored 1-2 to our 0-1 to leave us just three points ahead at the threequarter stage. We finished by far the stronger and our 2-5 in this period to our opponents nil left us clear winners at the end.

Alan Kelly was very solid in goal. Best in defence were Mike Moloney, Niall O'Connell and Gavin Tucker. Except for the third quarter, Barra O'Connell and Johnny Buckley gave us control at midfield. In attack, Daithi Casey, Keith O'Leary, Jamie Doolan and Denis Galvin were best.

Dr Crokes Best Player;  Daithi Casey.

Team and Scorers;  Alan Kelly; PJ Lawlor, Mike Moloney, John Bartlett; Niall O'Connell, David O'Leary, Gavin Tucker 0-1; Barra O'Connell, Johnny Buckley 0-1; Donal Cronin, Daithi Casey 0-4(0-3frees), Keith O'Leary 1-1; Denis Galvin 1-1, Ruairi Mangan 0-2, Jamie Doolan 0-4(0-3frees).  Subs;    Fionn Fitzgerald, Michael McMahon 1-0, Jonathon Clarke, Conor O'Neill.