Hope ye enjoy the 125th Celebrations, would love to be there with my family. Best Wishes to Dr.Crokes!
Sharon O'Leary,
Melbourne, Australia.


On behalf of myself Tara Cronin Secretary & all the London Kerry Association Committee I would like to wish the Dr Crokes Club all the very best on their anniversary we hope that you will all have a great night and we are sorry that we cant be with you all.

Tara Cronin
Sales Manager
Waxy O Connors
14 -16 Rupert Street
London W1D 6DD


Wishing everyone a great night full of fun & laughter at the Dr. Crokes Gala this year! I wish I was there....HI MUMMY!!

Aideen O' Mara,

Dubai, UAE

Congrats to all involved on your upcoming 125th birthday. 
Frank the yank
a friend of Seamie and Marian


To all members of the Dr. Crokes club,

Congratulations on reaching 125 years of history in such style.

It is a privilege to claim association with the Dr. Crokes club, albeit as an exile. Not only does the name Dr. Crokes work as a passport worldwide, but the service provision of live online games is an envy to many other GAA club members all over the world.

It is important to stress the value of this service to supporters abroad as it not only allows us to watch games and stay in touch with the club but it also allows us to watch friends and family carry out dreams of our own on the football field.

Many thanks to all who are involved in this service; to the senior team for excelling this year yet again; to all the lads who have endeavoured to keep in touch with me during the year and to all other unsung heroes within the club who work diligently throughout the year to make the club what it is today.

Enjoy the celebrations,

Le gach dea-ghui,

Colm Fuller


I want to convey my congratulations to the players and all involved at the club for all the success of 2010, and for reaching this magnificent milestone.  I am very proud to be a Crokes supporter, and to have played for the club, even if only at under-age level.  The club means a lot to us exiles, and it is very gratifying to me to know that at 125 years old the club has never had a better group of players, and has never been better run by the club's officers, coaches and administrators.

Kevin O'Shea
Singapore (and Woodville, Woodlawn Rd, Killarney)


Job well done to all the DR. Crokes members have a great night and good Luck in the Future

Bernie O'Brien

11744 N Dale Mabry

Tampa.Fl 33618




Well done to the mighty Dr. Crokes on 125 years of enormous service to Gaelic games. The ‘Black & Amber’ has touched the lives of so many over the past century and a quarter. I know there will be many a good Croke story recollected over your evening!! Enjoy the Banquet and the very best to one and all.


Donal Kavanagh, Wellington, New Zealand.




 We here in Washington DC Gaels GAA Club wish you the best on Sunday and the
whole year through. Go Gooch

Jim Carmody


I’m so proud to be a Crokes man, 125 years of great history is as good a cause as any to celebrate and I wish everyone a great night. A fantastic club, a fantastic tradition and moreover fantastic people and friends. I hope no one will begrudge us winning an All Ireland this year and also seeing Gooch go on and lift Sam for Kerry. Crocaigh Abu.

 Eanna Kav from sunny Adelaide


To all involved in Dr.Crokes,
Id like to wish everyone the best for the 125th year Anniversary Gala. Would love to have been able to attend.
I have enjoyed supporting the club from abroad during their success this past 12 months. 
Will be supporting on from Vietnam on the 30th of January. 
Michelle Moloney (Vietnam) 

I have many friends and family that will be attending the 125th anniversary of our wonderful club back home in killarney on feb 5th.
I would like to congratulate everyone involved with Dr Crokes at home and all over the world on this special milestone.I have been well connected with the club since I first went upto training when I was 4.I have many great memorys through the years from county finals to trips to the canary islands to that special day in 92 when i sat in croke pk with my grandparents who taught me to love the black and amber.I now live in Western Canada and play football and hurling for the Vancouver Harps.


Congratulations , On 125 years on great service to Killarney and Kerry . Great year in 2010 and all the best in 2011 for a great club .

Brendan Doyle